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About Capsule Program

Career Interests
Do you have any Extra Curriculum Activity?
Do you have a proper device to work remotely with us?
Do you have wifi with a stable connection at home?
Which of the following tools are you familiar with?
Which of our following programs are you interested to join?
Have you every applied our programs before?
What kind of opportunities are you looking for?
If yes, which programs did you applied?
Are you currently working with another company?

Thanks for submitting. We'll be in touch. Stay Tuned! “Capsule Program 1st Batch” has started on 27th May 2021.

Many ASEAN youths with different backgrounds applied for this program. We carefully screened and selected the applicants carefully, not to miss any talented youths with our criteria.

Around 35 members from Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand were selected. We hope all members will pass this training program and move forward to the next step.

For the members who finish the program successfully, they will be selected as the community members and more opportunities are coming their way. We are happy to welcome them warmly to our community.

We are looking forward to meeting new members who are interested in joining us in the next Capsule Program