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Attend remotely to Japan's Largest Health & Wellness Products Expo & Conference for free!

  • Attend 20000 visitors, 400 exhibitors, 5 conferences for free!

  • Pay onnly if there is a company that you interested in to meet!

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What is our offer

[ How does it work]

1. Sign up by filling up the information about who you are and what kind of partner you are looking for through the following registration link.

2. We will then send you a confirmation email. (We might ask for additional information through email or a Zoom meeting to make sure that we have your information correctly)

3. We will assign one partner account manager for your company

This partner manager will visit to the physical exhibition and look for the partners that might be a match with your target partner

4. Within a week after the exhibition, we will send you the information of potential matching partners without contact information

5. Then, you will select the partner company which you want to meet

6. If the partner company agrees to meet you, we will help set up a meeting


Almost the same benefits as you are attending an Expo physically

Quick and fast evaluation

Dedicated partner account manager

Cost effective because you only pay when there is a result

Get introduced to potential partner companies even after the expo from our ever-growing network

You might also get featured on our partner showcase pages which will make other companies recognize you easily

[Fees and Expenses]

This Collab call is designed for optimum ROI and is start-up-friendly.

Attendance Fee: Free

  • Success Fee: Starting from 100$ per accepted match and/or starting from 5% of sales

Company Overview

The world's leading B2B events Organizer


Event Services


Service / Agency Company

About us

  1. Health & Wellness Japan (Japan's Largest Health Products Exhibition & Conference)


It is Japan’s largest business trade show in the field of health. A wide range of health-related products and services will be on display.
The number of Visitors 20,000+
The number of Exhibitors 420+
The number of Seminars 50+
Influential Trend Theme 20+

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