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Looking for Transportation Consultant for Beef export to Southeast Asia

Looking for Transportation Consultant for Beef export to Southeast Asia. And find a local sale agent in order to expand sale channels: internet sales , wholesale and restaurant sales.

Looking for Collaborators

Business Cateogry


Management Consulting


China, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Other Asia

What is our offer

Prior to the lifting of the ban on Japanese beef exports in China, we are focusing on building a route to sell beef overseas.


○ Asia

We are aiming for China as the main target, but I think that the lifting of the ban on the import of Japanese beef has been postponed, so we would like to actively sell to other countries.

Possible candidates: Singapore, Vietnam


The ideal is a partner contract, but I would like to talk about it first.

Time to solve

want to solve it immediately


We have a contract with a farm in Kagoshima, Kyushu.

・It is possible to export 2000 heads overseas every year.

・Price: Single sale (frozen) 2.5 million

・Quality: A5 grade

・We plan to increase the number of suppliers after making successful cases.

Company Overview

Import and Export Company


Import and Export


About us

Our Company main business is to export Japanese beef to oversea.


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