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Looking for International Import Consultants

Looking for International Transportation Consultants for importing from China and Korea.

Looking for Collaborators

Business Cateogry


Whole Sales/ Retail


China , Korea

What is our offer

We are importing products from manufacturers in China and South Korea, and we would like to discuss with you regarding the transportation associated with the import.

We had the supplier make an arrangement for us, but we are considering making an arrangement in-house as regular import operations will occur in the future.

First of all, it will be a consultation basis, but we kindly ask you to discuss the details and give us a rough estimate.

Product Details

USB cable: 1000 pieces (variation in number)

Accessories such as package boxes

*There is a change in imported products every time

Requirement Detail

Consultation on international transportation associated with imports from China-Japan, South Korea-Japan and other countries

・Please tell us about the most suitable transportation method that can reduce the cost and transport within one month for airmail and sea transportation.

・We would appreciate it if you could discuss the above and give us a rough estimate.


We would appreciate if you could give us a rough estimate.

Time to solve

Next shipment: Scheduled for September


Company Overview

Import sales, online sales/wholesale sales Company




Wholesales/ Retail

About us

Our company imports and sells from overseas.


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