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Looking for Support for Restaurant Chain

Looking for individuals or companies who can operate a store (store manager, area manager, and chef, etc.) of a restaurant chain in Southeast Asia.

Looking for Collaborators

Business Cateogry




Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Other Asia

What is our offer

We would like to extend the Japanese style restaurant overseas, and we would appreciate your support below.


Southeast Asia

- If there is a country in which the person/company is good at, we would like to consider developing it together with the establishment of a joint venture.

Service Details

Operation of Japanese style cafeteria

Concept :

- Dining room (Japanese-style restaurant) that uses Japanese-style cooking techniques and seasonings

- Menu : Local menu *Not Japanese food

- Points to note :

It is not a Japanese restaurant, izakaya, ramen shop, or Japanese restaurant.


First of all, we would like to talk to each other and decide how to make a mutual consent.

Time to solve

As soon as possible


・We are also considering a form of management consignment/joint venture..

・In some countries, the concept, food supply, location, menu, etc. have already been decided.

・We would like to inform you of the country of development etc. after signing the NDA.

Company Overview





Service Company

About us

Our  company is running Japanese style restaurants and trying to extending that business to oversea.


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