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Looking for Expert Tax Havens Consultant and Support on Establishment

We are looking for Tax Havens Consultant and Support regarding establishment of a corporation.

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Business Cateogry


Financial Services


Malaysia, United Kingdom

What is our offer

We are currently considering tax-saving measures on Labuan Island, Malaysia,

Currently, we are collecting information including whether tax will actually be saved and its effect.



Business content

We are investing and operating an asset management corporation.

What are we looking for

1 Consultation about tax haven

・Necessity of migration

・Economic benefits

・About Labuan Island

Considered because I saw the information that the tax rate is the lowest.

If there are other better tax havens, we would love to hear from you.

・I would like to ask if there are other tax-saving measures.

(2) If you decide to actually set up, support the establishment


We would appreciate a quote.

If the cost-effectiveness of establishing a corporation in Tax Haven is expected, I would like to ask about it.


Company Overview

Asset Management Company


Service / Agency


Service / Agency Company

About us

Our main business is operating an asset management corporation.


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