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Validate, get traction, funding, and scale!

With the World's First Partnership Development Bootcamp!

Image by Cade Prior

Common partnership challenges

  1. Credentialism especially from larger enterprises

  2. Getting traction and a feedback loop is not easy and inconsistent

  3. Sustaining a business development deal flow

  4. Identifying, evaluating and catching opportunities rapidly

  5. Getting meaningful introductions continuously

  6. Turning introduction and opportunities into long-term feasible relationships

Earn more, grow more, and influence more for making an impact.

All sounds good, right? All the successful startups and highly influential people leverage partnerships and collaborations. There is no secret, it's all about creating a condition that results in a 1+1=3 equation.

Get ROI Faster 💸

We want the investment in this membership to be an absolute no-brainer. So, that's why we create the automatic referral revenue share program built-in to your membership plan. Build a collab program, and invite your audience, to get up to 20% (It's up to 2000$ per successful referral!) from us while growing your collaborative audience! Everything is designed to help you break even (for enabling the upside) fast and easily to motivate you to collaborate with other businesses! 

The Core Program



Learn and discover about partnerships and how it will be beneficial to you. We will start by discovering what are your fundamental capacities, making an assessment, and creating possibilities in your partnership types.



After knowing your potential, together you will start to dive deeper, stimulating ideas that are most suitable based on our assessment, this will be your key moment in creating your own creative ideas.



Once you have your general idea on the partnership, it's time to develop them into your partnership type making it your own by adding your personal touch.


Collab & Launch

Your program is all ready! therefore we need to learn how you will be able to pitch your ideas to everyone! create an effective pitch to wow the audience.


Better, bigger, stronger - Together.

Our founders collectively have 20 years of hands-on experience in Partnership Development internationally saved costs and generated revenues in total 8 figures for our partners and clients!

erdinc profile picture photo potrait.jpeg

Erdinc Ekinci

GTM, Market Reach, Business Development, Sales, Partnerships

Yu Li Shein.jpeg

Yu Li Shein

PoCs, Business Development, Planning, Supply Chain








Of the members large businesess

Some numbers

8 Figures

Partnership deal success organically

7 Figures

Saved from un efficient partnerships

6 Figures

Referal fees distributed!

For whom is this for?

  1. For startups: Grow your revenues, get partner exposure, more tractions, and funding,

  2. For professionals:  Leverage your career and your company at the same time,

  3. For larger enterprises: Adapt, incentivize and grow with 3rd parties.

💡 Creative-preneurs

 🦄 Growth Startups

🚀 Early Startups

🪜 Corporate Professionals

🙅 Who's This NOT For

This isn't for you if...

  1. You are not willing to put any effort to discover what are your collaborative competencies and how to make them stronger.

  2. You do not have the confidence to put yourself out there and showcase your openness to collaborate with other people and organizations.

  3. You're looking for a magic bullet that'll get your business to grow without any effort. There's no secret here. It's just about putting in the work, in the right way and it doing consistently, 

  4. You are hoping to get just sales, or just lead generation. This is NOT a place for hardcore sales, or spamming! This is a place to do valuable collaborations. 

  5. You are hoping for a certain concrete number of results. That's not how it works. We'll do our best to teach you the systems and processes that have worked for us and our students, but we can't 'guarantee' any specific result.

  6. You are hoping us to serve you :) There are no shortcuts. It's not an agency. It's a boot camp, and you won't be able to graduate if you don't do the work.

Join our events!

Enrollment Packs

Start validating, getting traction, funding, and more!


Once a year, 4 modules in a single month, with monthly ongoing office hours, free premium platform usage and many other benefits!


High Touch

Get the core program once a year plus, access to shared resources, ongoing back-office services, customized coaching and advisor 


What do people say?


  • LinkedIn

I have been using platform to define, search, and ideate potential collabs. It is easy to find various collaborations on their marketplace also. Partnering with them helped us to get more exposure and created more opportunities to engage collaborations. If you want to generate more collaborations, is the way to go!

Deniz Aygun Benba.jpeg

Deniz Aygün

  • LinkedIn


made me realize that partnerships are beneficial for companies of every size, even if you are an early-stage startup! Erdinc, Yuli and their team have been proven to be helpful to identify which types of partnerships are needed for validation, traction, and market adoption. I’m looking forward to collab more!

Michelangiolo testimony (2).jpg

Michelangiolo Mazzeschi

  • LinkedIn

Collaborating with is one of the most beneficial ways to ideate, identity, and initiate meaningful collaborations. On their marketplace, it’s easy to browse any type of partnership to grow your business. You can get essential partnership development know-how, platform, and exposure in one place conveniently.

yu yamanaka.jpeg


  • LinkedIn

After collaborating with,

I got to know how to find, ask, offer, initiate,

or maintain meaningful and profitable collaborations with other people and organizations.

Now I’m already partnering


and plenty of other collaborations are lining up! It is highly recommended!

Here are even more things you will get by if you get in

🤝 Get exposure

Get exposure from 20K monthly business decision makers on our Linkedin profile

📺 Appear as a partner / collaborator all our touch points including our Events!

You will have a fully well-crafted showcase page and become visible in our platform for collaboration offers from our growing network. 

📰 Contents for the buzz

You will get 2 content, 1 is about your offerings paired with your collab page, another one is with us, in which you become our guest on our blog, and we write a blog post about a common topic.

⏩ World Class Partnership Pitch

You will learn, design, and practice of you partnership partnership pitch deck.

✍️ Learnings / Knowhow

You will learn in-depth know-how on partner prospects, approaching strategies, partner program development, engagement, negotiation and manage management techniques. Get interactive -face-to-face- courses with modules, 5 actionable lessons in each module.

📚 Worksheets, Cheatsheets, Pre-set tasks

Across the each module and lesson we give you optional tasks to implement your existing workflow easily. For essential plan, 5 core tasks / DIY. For Growth plan 20 tasks + Community support. For exlusivie 60 taks + PDM spport

🍻 Collab Community

A community of 3K people and organizations who open for collaborations and many partnerships offering to help each other to grow together.

🏦 Fund raiser club

We gather startups who are actively looking for Angel investment, VC funding, or Corporate Venture Capital funding as a strategic investment in a fund raiser's only private community.

🧑‍💻 Careers & Gigs Clubs

The Collaborator Academy is not only for startups and companies. It's also for people who are looking for upgrading their career and new opportunities as well as gigs.

💸 Unlock Automatic Referal Revenue Share Program

You will be automatically granted after finalizing the Collaborator Academy up to 20%. Get ROI fast from your partnerships by auto integration to our partner program!

💸 Get hands on support for partnerships from mentors

For essatial plan email/chat only. For growth plan private group sessions monthly. For Exclusive plan one-on-one.

Monthly Stats

In any given month and growing month to month





New Collaborators

and partners


New Collab opportunities identified


Collab ideas


are joining +3000 company network

Enrolment is on going based! 🤯

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