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Empowering high-traffic establishments with seamless and eco-friendly charging for phones and consumer electronics.

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Edward Oware Ohemeng



Target Location :

North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South East Asia, Oceania, Worldwide



Renewables & Environment


Partnership Types :

Co-Branding Partner Content Partner Ambassador Partner Co-Events Partner Affiliate Partner Referral Partner Reseller Partner Distribution Partner Co-Selling Partner Supplier Partner Service Partner Solution Partner Joint Venture Partner Investment Partner Technology Partner Non-Profit Partner

We're actively seeking collaborations with high-traffic establishments in hospitality, healthcare, and transportation to deploy our cutting-edge charging solutions. By partnering with us, you'll not only enhance customer experiences and promote environmental sustainability but also drive business growth and revenue.

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Driven by Dream: The Eddievolt Journey

In 2016, Eddievolt emerged from the shared vision of co-founders Edward Oware Ohemeng, Francis Zaato and Hoche Djibril Elmi, driven by a passion for sustainability and technology. Recognizing the pressing need for innovative charging solutions, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way people power their devices on the go.

Driven by the belief that technology can be a force for positive change, Eddievolt set out to create a solution that not only meets the needs of today's digital lifestyle but also aligns with our collective responsibility to protect the planet. With a focus on sustainability, convenience, and innovation, Eddievolt has become synonymous with cutting-edge charging solutions that seamlessly integrate into daily life.

From the inception of our flagship product, the Eddievolt ChargeHub, to our ongoing commitment to research and development, every step of our journey is guided by a passion for excellence and a commitment to making a meaningful impact. As we continue to expand our reach and explore new avenues for growth, Eddievolt remains steadfast in our mission to empower individuals and businesses to embrace a more sustainable future, one charge at a time.

Founding Story

2016: Igniting Innovation

In 2016, Eddievolt's journey began with a spark of innovation ignited by a pivotal event. Edward Oware Ohemeng, an Electronics Engineering student, showcased his exceptional talent and dedication by clinching third place at an international hackathon in Shanghai. The competition was a grueling 24-hour non-stop coding marathon, demanding intense ideation, research, and programming. Fueled by coffee and an unwavering determination to achieve his dreams, Edward poured every ounce of his energy into developing a groundbreaking solution.

The success at the hackathon laid the groundwork for what would become Eddievolt. The idea for the first model of the Eddievolt smart socket was born from this early triumph. Edward's ability to think innovatively under pressure and his drive to create solutions that addressed real-world problems set the stage for the journey ahead. This initial achievement not only validated his capabilities but also fueled the ambition to revolutionize charging solutions, marking the beginning of Eddievolt's inspiring story.

2019: From Concept to Creation

By 2019, Eddievolt had moved beyond its initial spark of innovation to enter the crucial phase of concept development and creation. This period was marked by relentless iteration on several designs for the first model, reflecting the team's deep commitment to creating an impactful product. The initial inspiration for the Eddievolt smart socket came from an unlikely source: the design of an ATM. This inspiration guided the team's early efforts as they sought to develop a charging solution that was both functional and user-friendly.


The journey from concept to creation was far from straightforward. Continuous research and ideation were essential as the team worked tirelessly to refine their vision. The countless hours spent coding, designing circuits, and planning were balanced with their academic commitments. Each prototype brought them closer to the ideal portable model, but also presented new challenges that required innovative solutions. Despite the demanding workload, the team remained driven by their passion for sustainability and technology.


The culmination of these efforts was the development of the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model of the Eddievolt ChargeHub. This portable charging solution embodied the team's vision of integrating convenience and sustainability into everyday life. The creation of the MVP was a significant milestone, achieved through a blend of creativity, technical skill, and perseverance. It represented not just a product, but a tangible realization of their dream to revolutionize how people charge their devices on the go.

2022: Birth of Eddievolt Ltd

With the completion of the first MVP model and successful integration of local payment options, Eddievolt Ltd was officially registered in Ghana. The stage was set for widespread adoption of their sustainable charging solutions.

In addition to the restaurant and bus station pilots, Eddievolt participated in the Abibitumi Conference in Mampong, Accra. This outdoor event was an ideal setting for demonstrating the capabilities of the ChargeHub. Most attendees at the conference experienced the common issue of low battery anxiety, providing a perfect opportunity for Eddievolt to showcase its solution. The Eddievolt ChargeHub stations became a hub of activity as attendees flocked to power up their devices. This not only highlighted the practical benefits of the ChargeHub but also allowed the Eddievolt team to gather direct feedback from a large number of users in a short period. The positive reception and constructive feedback from the Abibitumi Conference significantly boosted the team’s confidence in the product’s market readiness.

The success at the Abibitumi Conference was followed by Eddievolt's participation in other notable exhibition events. Each event provided further validation of the ChargeHub's value proposition and its potential to address a widespread need. The positive feedback from these events underscored the product’s relevance and the demand for sustainable charging solutions. These experiences reinforced the importance of continuous engagement with potential users and provided valuable insights that would shape future product iterations and enhancements.

2024: Forging Partnerships and Seeking Growth

Eddievolt embarked on a mission to collaborate with high-traffic establishments, aiming to enhance customer experiences and promote sustainability. Through strategic partnerships with Block Convey and participation in's Partnerships Accelerator Bootcamp, Eddievolt solidified its commitment to innovation and growth.


Partner Programs: Driving Collaborative Success

Eddievolt Investment Partner

Seeking financial backing to accelerate growth and scale operations, Eddievolt invites angels, VCs, and pre-seed focused firms to join their mission. In return, investors gain equity stakes and the opportunity to shape the future of sustainable technology.


Eddievolt Co-Selling Partner

Collaborative partnerships are sought to deploy charging solutions in high-traffic establishments, enriching customer experiences worldwide. Partners stand to earn commissions and share in the success of Eddievolt's mission.


Pre-seed Raise

Eddievolt invites potential investors to join their pre-seed funding round, fueling the deployment of ChargeHub and advancing sustainable charging solutions. In exchange for investment, stakeholders gain equity and contribute to a greener future.

Join Eddievolt in shaping a sustainable future, one charge at a time. Let's partner to drive positive change and create lasting impact in the world of technology and sustainability.


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