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NEWNOP is AI, Software & IoT solutions development outsourcing and IT team augmentation agency

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Janith Dissanayake


CTO, Co-Founder

Target Location :

North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia


Korea - Republic of

Information Technology and Services


Partnership Types :

Affiliate Partner Co-Selling Partner

NEWNOP is looking for a business expansion globally in the US, Australia, Japan, EU & APEC regions. Therefore, we are open for collaborations with individuals and start ups to collaborate on sales & business development, leverage our mutual strengths to achieve a high growth.


What are the benefits associated with this co-selling partnership?


  1. Attractive sales commission
  2. Technical partnership/ consultation to build your own tech MVP through all stages of SDLC
  3. A discount if you are building your MVP with us
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The begining


When we decided to start our company me and my co-founder did not have much money. I had invested my money into my MBA and he had invested in his family house. Going back to our core competencies, we decided to try and create a composite material from a waste material that can remove certain pollutants from water & air. We got coffee grounds from a near by coffee shop that gave us them for free and purchased some IoT sensors to measure water and air quality for less than a 100 USD. We had no place to test so, I used my room for composite creation, testing and storage. We worked after work until 2-3 AM and we developed a composite. But, selling the composite was difficult so, we had to drop the product.


While I was working on this product, my co-founder found a client that wanted an electronic PCB design to be done for his virtual fishing simulation game. That was our first sale and our first cleint for just 4000 USD.


Afterwards, we have ran into countless obstacles setting the processess and finding the correct talent. We started our operations in Sri Lanka and India with the establishment of Newnop SL (pvt) Ltd., Newnop Technologies (pvt) Ltd. We recruited process experts who is familiar with CMMI level 5 process quality assurance systems and indtalled the processess and due to that we have received ISO 9001 certification. Currently, we have about 30 people in total.


Sri Lankan team:

We have actively been in operation for 1 year and 10 months and we have grown organically. Now, we are ready to expand our operations globally with more confidence on our process and talent.

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