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Features of CALENDAR

  • Japan's first online fitness service that makes it easy for even those who have a hard time sticking to an exercise routine to form a habit.
  • Habit forming is encouraged by the habit design method and a smart daily calendar that allows you to start immediately without any hassle.
  • Menus supervised by renowned training science researchers Naokata Ishii of the University of Tokyo and Michiya Tanimoto of Juntendo University.

Create an exercise routine with daily fitness

CALENDAR is a "daily online fitness" service that allows you to make exercise a habit with a one-touch start and just 3 minutes a day. A dedicated smart daily calendar (Android device) encourages habit forming.

For those who do not get enough exercise but cannot continue to exercise

I want to continue exercising at home, but I have a hard time doing so. I do it occasionally, but I am not able to exercise with satisfactory frequency or quantity. I am not good at habit forming.
CALENDAR is a service for such people that is "easy for anyone to habit-form". CALENDAR is a service that makes it easy for anyone to form a habit of exercise.
It uses a science-based habit-forming method and an exercise program supervised by a leading training scientist, so you can "form a proper and effective exercise habit at home.
More than half a year has passed since the service was launched, and many users have made exercising with CALENDAR a daily habit, with a high continuation rate of 97% as of the end of August 2023. In preparation for the release of the global version, CALENDAR will be available for pre-sale on KickStarter!

Effective exercise is firmly habit forming.

Utilizing the Habit Design Method, a systematic compilation of habit forming tips based on psychology and cognitive science, the service is designed to make exercise habits easier to establish, even for those who are not good at habit forming.
CALENDAR reduces these factors that make habit forming difficult and replaces them with methods that are easy to continue, making it easier to form a habit.In addition, habit forming is more likely to succeed if it is done gradually at a fixed time each day.
Even Japanese Zen emphasizes the importance of daily habits, and CALENDAR, just like the Zen way of life, makes exercise a natural habit that can be taken for granted. CALENDAR is as easy to start as turning over a daily calendar, so anyone can make it happen.

The exercise menu is supervised by Professor Emeritus Naokata Ishii of the University of Tokyo, a leading researcher on strength training, and Associate Professor Michiya Tanimoto of Juntendo University, well known for his Muscle Exercise for Everyone on NHK, and provides scientific strength training and stretching programs suitable for home exercise.

Smart daily calendar that starts at the touch of a button


The key to making it easier to habit form is to minimize the hassle of getting started. It is important to be able to "start in an instant" when you decide to exercise as well.
With CALENDAR, all you have to do is place the smart daily calendar in a place of your own choosing, and when it is time to exercise, start with a single touch.
The system will start a daily exercise program suited to your level. There is no need to start up the application or select a menu, so you can get started right away.

There are times when you decide to exercise by watching a video on your smartphone or other device, but you don't have your smartphone at hand, or you lose time when you are looking at your e-mail or social networking notifications.To prevent this from happening and ensure habit forming, we offer a dedicated smart daily calendar.

No hassle of choosing with the program that leaves the exercise program to you!


Provides a daily exercise menu that is appropriate for your exercise level. It takes only 3 minutes to complete each day. As a habit, you only need to start and you will succeed! You can do as much as you can do from one time to the next.

2-way, so you don't have to worry about where to put it.


Depending on the exercise menu, it can be used at a desk, on the floor, or in any other easily viewable location.

It can be hung on the wall during standing menus or on a regular basis.
*For successful habit forming, it is recommended that it be dedicated and not used for any other purpose.

Flow of Use

<Habit Planning>

1. Log in and select the category of exercise you wish to habit-form.
2. Select the exercise level from Beginner, Standard, and Hard.(In the case of strength training)
3. Set the timing when you want to perform the exercise.In the timing setting, set the timing before or after the action you must perform each day. This is one of the most important methods for successful habit forming, and if repeated, you will be able to start exercising almost subconsciously, like brushing your teeth.

Once you have set up your habit plan, you are ready to begin your exercise habit forming!
*Whether you choose strength training or stretching, you can watch both menus from the workout list.
*The variety of programs, including cardio and yoga, will be expanded in the future.

1. simply touch the start button at a set time each day to start the day's exercise menu

2. Just do one main menu for the day (takes about 3 minutes)

3. two more extra menus if you have time(Doing them will give you a wider range of training. 10-15 minutes a day even if you do all of them)Those who can afford more can also choose their favorite workout from the list of workouts.

Small daily exercise programs

Strength training is designed to train the entire body in 3 days, divided into 3 areas. We also set one complete rest day per week. (Stretching is done on that day.)

The stretching consists of alternating upper body main and lower body main, stretching the entire body in two days. The four main menu items can be completed in about four minutes, and even the six extra menu items take a total of about 10 minutes.

CALENDAR is unique in that it supports habit forming by allowing people to exercise daily from the comfort of their own home for short periods of time.

Supervisor Introduction

Supervisor of Strength Training Program
Mr. Naokata Ishii

Born in Tokyo in 1955. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, and completed the doctoral course at the same university. D. from the University of Tokyo.
After serving as a professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo, he is currently a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo.
Specializes in physical exercise science, muscle physiology, and training science.
He is proud of his brilliant achievements as a competitor, including the 1981 Mr. Bodybuilding Japan champion and 3rd place at the World Championships, the 1982 Mr. Asia champion, and the 2001 All Japan Adult Masters champion.
He is a leading expert on "slow training," which requires a small amount of exercise to achieve great results. He is well known for his clear explanations about aging and health based on the relationship between exercise and muscles, and is active on TV and in magazines.

Stretching Program Supervisor
Mr. Michiya Tanimoto

Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of Engineering. D. from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo.
Currently, he is a Senior Associate Professor at Juntendo University, School of Sports and Health Science. Specializes in muscle physiology and physical exercise science.
He is the author of "10 Seconds to Start! Stretch Start Book" (Gakken), "Textbook of Sports Science" (Iwanami Shoten), etc. He has appeared on NHK's "Minna de Muscle Gymnastics," "Asaichi," "Tokoro-san! TV", "Honma dekka? TV" and TV Asahi's "Morning Show. Currently he is appearing on NHK's "Ohasupo x Muscle Gymnastics" and other programs.

Stretching is probably the most "comfortable" exercise. And anyone can do it.
If you continue to do it, your range of motion will increase, stiffness will loosen, and your body will become more comfortable. As you become more comfortable, you will naturally increase your activity level.
You may even be inspired to start some kind of exercise.
The human skeletal structure is surprisingly complex, with multiple muscles attached to a single joint and a single muscle spanning multiple joints in some cases.
Therefore, in order to properly stretch a target muscle, you need to have a knack and a way of doing it that takes into account the anatomical structure.
This service introduces you to the proper methods with tips and tricks. You want to do everything in an efficient and highly effective way.Stretching makes you super comfortable! Super happiness!

Strength Training Program Trainer
Sakiko Okabe

From the age of 14 to 21, she competed in various international competitions as a member of the Japanese national gymnastics team. After retiring from gymnastics, she became an instructor and developed a strong desire to share the hopes and dreams she gained through gymnastics and sports with people from all walks of life.
After studying the educational styles of top-notch gymnastics coaches in Canada and Australia, she now established W.O.E. Inc. to spread smiles and excitement to more people through sports. Among her activities, she expresses and conveys the coolness of sports, focusing on teaching gymnastics and acrobatics to young children.
On Instagram, she has achieved 365 times as a girl standing on her head. She is still aiming to reach 1,000 times on a daily basis.

It is very important to do a little bit every day as much as possible.Enjoy it without any pressure, one step ahead of yesterday's self! First, let's continue for three days!Even in times when it is hard to see results, you will accumulate results and experience.Let's work hard together!

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