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Partnerships for Global GTM and Market Expansion

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Erdinc Ekinci


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United States



Partnership Types :

Affiliate Partner Co-Branding Partner Co-Events Partner is more than just a partnership development SAAS platform; it's a comprehensive solution that combines the power of partnership development with a dynamic BootCamp and incentive program to empower startups, businesses seeking expansion, career seekers, entrepreneurs, and even facilitates partnerships with governmental entities.


We are open to collaboration with startups, accelerators/VCs, corporates, and governments. Startups to help founders to validate, build faster traction, and generate revenue. Accelerators and VCs to help their portfolio companies utilize partnerships. Enterprises and Government to Adapt, incentivize, and to grow Partner ecosystems.

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Our Collaboration Story stands out in the technology and innovation landscape, not just as a partnership development SAAS platform but as a holistic solution. It merges traditional partnership development with a dynamic BootCamp and incentive program, targeting a wide audience from startups and entrepreneurs to corporations and government entities. This platform is a call to action for collaboration, offering startups the tools to validate ideas, gain traction, and generate revenue. It invites accelerators and VCs to enhance their portfolio companies' growth through robust partnership opportunities. Corporates and governments are also called to adapt and thrive by fostering innovative partner ecosystems. is more than a service; it's a community builder, aiming to create a collaborative, innovative, and growth-oriented environment for all its stakeholders. It's a unique opportunity to be part of a movement towards a more inclusive and progressive future in business development and partnerships.

Our Funding Story


Back in 2017, our founders Erdinc and Yu Li crossed paths for the first time at a communal house located in the Silicon Valley. This house was specifically dedicated to housing entrepreneurs from all around the world, and it was owned by a Japanese family with four children.

At that time, Erdinc was working on his previous startup, a creative collaboration platform that allowed brands to obtain user-generated content from their customers and supporters. Meanwhile, Yu Li was the CEO of the Silicon Valley branch of a Japanese consulting firm, where they realized that Japanese businesses were facing significant connectivity challenges on a global scale. The duo quickly realized that it was not only the Japanese businesses' challenges, every country's business in the world has the same but to different degrees. This realization led them to start the which basically dramatically pivoted the version of the previous startup.

During their journey, Erdinc and Yu Li first developed a friendship and later collaborated on a consulting project together. And initially, they didn't know what to build to solve their customers' problems, so, they configured as a consulting firm, and self-funded its operations while learning from customers and partners to develop a product. Over time, they accumulated a vast network of connections who were all seeking the same thing - collaboration to build global relationships.

Duo to Domain: Our Evolution in 2018-2019


In 2018, without incorporating, the founders became a consulting duo and started building a basic landing page to communicate and iterate ideas rapidly.

By 2019, they owned the domain and incorporated in Delaware. They started to build a very early version of the platform on a low-code platform.

2020: Tokyo Transitions, 2021: Innovation Unfolds


In 2020, the founders got traction mostly from consulting in Japan and physically moved to Tokyo.

Throughout 2021, they continuously iterated to find the right problem-solution fit. They launched the Partner Programs Directors/Marketplace, featuring the world's most innovative partner programs. Meanwhile, they built the Fellowship initiative for building a support team, helping 1500 youths in Southeast Asia.

2022: Platform Breakthroughs and Impactful Partnerships


In 2022, the platform approach finally worked. Several new initiatives and partnerships were launched and grew, such as the Automatic Revenue Share feature, pre-set collaborations, Partner Program Builder tool, and a workshop series to discover the training aspect of the business. They also formed partnerships with the Founder Institute and started to see both social and economic impact on surrounding businesses and startups, estimated in multiple 8 figures USD. believes in the power of pivoting. They understand that there is no magic wand to build a scalable product and become a unicorn. It takes countless iterations of building, measuring, and learning. Now, has evolved into a platform where users can gain and manage partnerships, learn how to grow with partnerships, run collaborations, and get ROI.

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