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Privacy Gatgets for laptops and smartphones

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Founding story

Spy-Fy is a company with Dutch origins. One of our founders, Ties, grew up reading books like George Orwell's 1984, and appreciating music and art from artists like Rage Against the Machine and Banksy. He was inspired by the common theme of individuals standing up for their rights, even in today's connected world. For Ties, privacy was clearly one of these rights that needed to be protected.

In his own life, he noticed the news covering stories on the dangers of webcam hacking. In today's digital world, using technology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. The risk of webcam hacking restricts our individualism and personal freedom, especially for those who must use their MacBook/laptop every day. Driven by the desire to stand up for digital privacy rights, he looked for a solution that could protect people against webcam hacking. In 2015, Ties and his father created the first prototype webcam cover (If you google "Spy-Fy webcam cover, you'll still see the original circle-like concept!).

With the invention of the Spyslide® Webcam Cover, people no longer had to deal with the frustration of using tape and post-its on their laptops to cover their webcams. Now, our webcam cover is being sold in over 90 countries around the world. But we didn't stop there. Webcam covers provide a solution to webcam hacking, but there are numerous other privacy issues that must be addressed.

In line with our vision of privacy without compromise, Spy-Fy has moved forward with a range of products and add ons that allow people to use today's technology without having to compromise on their right to privacy. Spy-Fy develops and manufactures accessible analog solutions to digital privacy problems. We want to guarantee your digital privacy so that you can use today's technological conveniences. No one should have to trade convenience and accessible communication for their individual right to privacy.

Mission and vision

Our mission: To provide premium gear to protect your digital privacy.

Our vision: We believe in privacy without compromise. Our goal is to create products that allow people to make use of today's technology, without having to sacrifice their privacy.

Spyslide® Webcam Cover:

The thinnest and most elegant webcam cover in the world. With a thickness of only 0.6 mm, it is compatible with any laptop, Macbook, or tablet.

Spy-Fy® Privacy Kit:

The complete kit for your digital privacy needs. This luxury kit contains the webcam cover, RFID blocking card, and USB data blocker. Protect yourself at home or on the go with the Spy-Fy® Privacy Kit.

JuiceBack® Data Blocking Cable:

This modern nylon charging cable ensures that your smartphone or tablet cannot be hacked while it charges at public USB ports.

Available in Lightning USB (iPhone & iPads), USB-C, and Micro USB.

Spy-Fy® Privacy Passport Cover:

This passport cover protects you against identity fraud. By placing your passport inside this cover, personal information like your passport photo is concealed. The built-in RFID blocking function keeps your passport chip from being read. 123

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