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We are an independent global business consultancy company powered by 250 employees from our four offices in the United States, Japan, the Philippines, and Myanmar. We provide strategic business solutions, internalization services and many more.


Over $800 million invested. Leaps by Bayer invests in paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences – breakthroughs that could change the world for the better.

Founding story

Leaps by Bayer was created in 2015 to break boundaries in life sciences investment—in scale, risk, collaboration, and mission. Through our ambitious 10 leaps, we accept that the risk of failure is very high. But in order to push beyond what is considered possible, we need to go beyond industry conventions for inspiration and explore radically new approaches.

The passion to push our limits lies within people, not companies. We are inspired by people who take leaps – from the scientists dedicating their lives to potential breakthrough technologies to individuals who defy their physical limits.

In the spirit of collaborating with the brightest minds in the life sciences, we celebrate the stories of people taking leaps, as they speak for all of us.

Collaboration at the core

Growing knowledge through collaboration

Currently industry convention blocks innovation by keeping IP siloed. We believe this can hinder scientific breakthroughs. We challenge this convention by enabling the exchange of proprietary assets. This can include sharing our own patents or providing access to the Bayer network’s technical capabilities and 150 years of expertise. All of the companies we partner with remain autonomous with respect to decision making, we build our relationship from start to finish.


We do so by facilitating and supporting them in a process we call “active incubation”. Experienced team members actively engage in the young companies’ development by providing resources and helping them to steer the initial strategic direction.

In an increasingly convergent world, there is no innovation without collaboration.

Leader team

Yu Li Shein


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Our Focus

Exponential technology in health is enabling advances that once seemed impossible — restoring lost tissue function like dopaminergic neurons for patients suffering from Parkinson´s disease or tackling the organ shortage through xenotransplantation. Through our investments and collaborations, which are aligned with our areas of expertise, we target paradigm-shifting ideas in human health. We partner with the brightest minds in biotech. We are prepared to learn from failure. If even one of these ideas works, together we will transform the world for the better.

From data science and sensors to synthetic biology; emerging technologies are poised to fundamentally transform modern agriculture. We invest in companies pursuing breakthroughs that could decrease the intensive inputs of farming—energy, land, chemicals—while increasing productivity, nutrition, and quality. Nitrogen fixation, truly sustainable crop protection, and disruptive digital business models. The scale of agriculture is massive and our planet is diverse. Change will not happen overnight. The companies in our portfolio are a lighthouse. Through technology, science, and collaboration, we believe we can both nourish our expanding population and preserve our global ecosystem.


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