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Unlock it all by developing partnerships!

Validate, get traction, funding, and scale!

No more complex, unscalable, pricy partnerships.

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Challenges of Developing Partnerships and Collaborations


Too much steps to succeed, and no clear mainstream guide


Lack of community to help each other, build and grow together


Irregular, volatile, and inconsistent introduction and deals

Slow ROI

Making money out of partnerships is slow and unpredictable


Which mostly big companies able to take advantage

How it works?

Join our network

Enroll our bootcamp

Build or Integate a
partner program

your network

Get revenue
share from us

What is is a global partnership development program that provides an online platform and boot camp, for enabling ROI from collaborations!

Companies, Deal,
Partner Programs

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Partner Program Builder Tool

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Collaborator Bootcamps

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Of the members large businesess

Some numbers

8 Figures

Partnership deal success organically

7 Figures

Saved from un efficient partnerships

6 Figures

Referal fees distributed!


🤝 Get exposure

Get exposure from 20K monthly business decision makers worldwide.

📺 Build and manage partner programs

You will have a fully well-crafted showcase page and become visible in our platform for collaboration offers from our growing network. 

📰 Contents for the buzz

You will get 2 content, 1 is about your offerings paired with your collab page, another one is with us, in which you become our guest on our blog, and we write a blog post about a common topic.

⏩ World Class Partnership Pitch

You will learn, design, and practice of you partnership partnership pitch deck.

✍️ Learnings / Knowhow

You will learn in-depth know-how on partner prospects, approaching strategies, partner program development, engagement, negotiation and manage management techniques. Get interactive -face-to-face- courses with modules, 5 actionable lessons in each module.

📚 Worksheets, Cheatsheets, Pre-set tasks

Across the each module and lesson we give you optional tasks to implement your existing workflow easily. For essential plan, 5 core tasks / DIY. For Growth plan 20 tasks + Community support. For exlusivie 60 taks + PDM spport

🍻 Collab Community

A community of 3K people and organizations who open for collaborations and many partnerships offering to help each other to grow together.

🏦 Fund raiser club

We gather startups who are actively looking for Angel investment, VC funding, or Corporate Venture Capital funding as a strategic investment in a fund raiser's only private community.

🧑‍💻 Careers & Gigs Clubs is not only for startups and companies. It's also for people who are looking for upgrading their careers and new opportunities as well as gigs.

💸 Unlock Automatic Referal Revenue Share Program

You will be automatically granted after finalizing the Collaborator Academy up to 20%. Get ROI fast from your partnerships by auto integration to our partner program!

💸 Get hands on support for partnerships from mentors

For essatial plan email/chat only. For growth plan private group sessions monthly. For Exclusive plan one-on-one.

Why you need partnerships?

28% more revenue

More than 28% of your total revenue can come from partnership channels


Doubles Revenue Growth Speed

Companies with the most mature partnership programs are growing overall company revenue nearly 2x as fast as companies than less mature programs” by Forrester consulting.

Collabs for everyone!

Never partnered before? - Kickstart here, we will be your first partner
Have you tried collabs but inconsistency? - Let's build a great program
Have partner programs, little traction? - Accelerate here with our resources
Challenging to turn them into long-term partnerships? - Expand your program

Making the world more collaborative

We are on a mission to 

GIF openforco ecoystem.gif

Building a global ecosystem of people and organizations who are open for collaborations!

A ton of happy network members across the globe, literally. 🧿

Searchers-side including: Sumitomo, Honda, Toshiba, NTT, and 2000+ Mid-Large enterprises to startup worldwide

Receiver-side including: Alphabet, Amazon, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Apple, Applied Materials, and 300+ startups and enterprises

Seeker's & targeted locations including: Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, India, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea

Industries including: IoT, AI, SaaS, Robotics, Computer Vision, Biotech, Fintech, Manufacturing, MarCom, Media, Telecom



fiverr logo.png

A vast variety of partnerships for S&M to Large enterprises.

Small business-friendly collabs allow you to generate new revenue sources. 


Support your fellow entrepreneur while generating additional revenue source.

Grow your way with Mailchimp. Once you've become a partner, you're officially recognized as a Mailchimp professional, which comes with added features and benefits.

Our Common Collabs Types

Did you know?  Becoming openfor.collaborations can increase your revenues %28, right away!


Affiliate, bundle, resale, distribution partnerships

Affiliate Partner
Referral Partner
Reseller Partner
Distribution Partner
Franchising Partner


Blogging, social media influencer, content

Co-Branding Partner
Content Partner
Ambassador Partner
Co-events Partner


Supplier & procurement partnerships

Solution Partner
Service Partner
Supplier Partner


New products, services, and PoC

Tech Partner
PoC Partner
Innovation Partner


Support a common cause together 

CSR Partner
Non-profit Partner
Pro-bono Partner

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