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Learn how to how to extract, develop and manage collaboration for growth!

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Learn how to find, develop and manage partnerships for increasing your revenues and business growth

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Billed annually



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Let the world know that you are open for collaborations and express how.

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Collaborator academy

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Courses: 5 Lessons in each module

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100% Satisfaction 💎

We want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, that's why we create the automatic affiliate revenue share program built-in to your membership plan. Build a collab program, and invite your audience, get up to 20% from us while growing your collaborative audience! Everything is designed to help you break even (for enabling the upside) fast and easily to motivate you to collaborate with other businesses! 

Need custom stuff?

On-demand Add-ons 🎯

Discover add-ons both for enterprises and scaling startups

Add-on services

Flexible project-based terms, clear ROI.

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Common Collab Types 🧩


Blogging, social media influencer, content

Co-Branding partner
Content partnerships
Brand Ambassadorship


New products, services, and PoC

Tech partnerships
PoC partnerships


Affiliate, bundle, resale, distribution partnerships

Affiliate partnerships
Sales partnerships
Distribution partner


Supplier & procurement partnerships

Service partnerships
Supplier partnerships


Blogging, social media influencer, content

CSR Partnerships
Non-profit partnerships
Pro-bono partnerships

A ton of happy clients and partners across the globe 🧿

Searchers-side including: Sumitomo, Honda, Toshiba, NTT, and 2000+ Mid-Large enterprises to startup worldwide

Receiver-side including: Alphabet, Amazon, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Apple, Applied Materials, and 300+ startups and enterprises

Seeker's & targeted locations including: Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, India, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea

Industries including: IoT, AI, SaaS, Robotics, Computer Vision, Biotech, Fintech, Manufacturing, MarCom, Media, Telecom

What do people say? 💬


  • LinkedIn

I have been using platform to define, search, and ideate potential collabs. It is easy to find various collaborations on their marketplace also. Partnering with them helped us to get more exposure and created more opportunities to engage collaborations. If you want to generate more collaborations, is the way to go!

Deniz Aygun Benba.jpeg

Deniz Aygün

  • LinkedIn


made me realize that partnerships are beneficial for companies of every size, even if you are an early-stage startup! Erdinc, Yuli and their team have been proven to be helpful to identify which types of partnerships are needed for validation, traction, and market adoption. I’m looking forward to collab more!

Michelangiolo testimony (2).jpg

Michelangiolo Mazzeschi

  • LinkedIn

Collaborating with is one of the most beneficial ways to ideate, identity, and initiate meaningful collaborations. On their marketplace, it’s easy to browse any type of partnership to grow your business. You can get essential partnership development know-how, platform, and exposure in one place conveniently.

yu yamanaka.jpeg


  • LinkedIn

After collaborating with,

I got to know how to find, ask, offer, initiate,

or maintain meaningful and profitable collaborations with other people and organizations.

Now I’m already partnering


and plenty of other collaborations are lining up! It is highly recommended!

Did you know? 🤔

  1. “More than 28% of your total revenue can come from partnership channels

  2. Companies with the most mature partnership programs are growing overall company revenue nearly 2x as fast as companies than less mature programs” by Forrester consulting.

  3. “76% of partnership development managers of 454 companies agree the partnership channel is a key to delivering on our company’s revenue goals” by Forrester consulting.

  4. “49% of the corporate leaders are planning to get their businesses involved in some type of business collaboration” by PWC’s annual survey in 2018

Our pledge to support amazing
businesses from all around the world

Image by Surface

Lowest cost to entry to reach amazing businesses in any size and stage

We set the barrier to entry extremely low, so we focus on the performance.  “More than 28% of your total revenue can come from partnership channels. It means, even just setting up a partner program means %28 more REVENUE!

Get 2x faster revenue growth potential by a more mature partnership program

Companies with the most mature partnership programs are growing overall company revenue nearly 2x as fast as companies with less mature programs” by Forrester consulting.

Extract more collabs from your network while generating new revenue

How efficient your partnerships are? Are they any connection that has the potential to establish a collaboration? We generate more revenue from your existing network with our templated collab frameworks. 

You can start getting 10 to 20% revenue share from us immediately.

Get up to %20 revenue share while gaining more partners if you would like to.
Partnering with us has even more benefits, for learning more visit our partner page.

Not sure yet to join us? 😲

Join our weekly
workshops for free!

Get a sense of our entire platform and the collaborator academy for free with this weekly online workshop. Spots are limited!

 Discovering your collaborative competencies, Defining the target audience, Coming up with collab ideas, Designing an ask and offer, Learning how to reach and strike collabs, and making a small bite-sized collab with 

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