Plans & Pricing




Pay only success fee and/or commission if you get a deal

 No commitment, No credit card needed




Guaranteed higher visibility to find partnership deals

Ongoing, monthly price

if billed annually.




Best for companies who want to scale worldwide

Fully customizable with add ons and services

Let the world know that you are open for collaborations and express how.

Open Collaboration page

Our AI suggestion engine - Beta - gives you suggestions about collaboration and partner suggestions every month

Partnership suggestions 

Callab calls are a great way of generating demand for your collab asks & offers.

Post collab calls / partnership inquiries

Became visible in our platform for unlocking potential collaboration offers from our ever-growing network worldwide.

Visibility / impression across our platform

Get affiliate/reseller collab offers
for increasing your revenue.

Get affiliates and co-sell

Embed share your collab page contents as a partnership page for your website and as a partnership deck.

Share with your audience

Get support for your open collaboration success, get 1 on 1 with support up to 1 hour per month with the pro plan.

Dedicated Partnership Manager Support

Go creative with

collab your asks & offers.

Collab Offer & Ask Structuring

✓ Standard

1 / month / standard

Invite or Apply only


Q&A, Email


✓ Pro

Least 1, up to 10

4 / m / priority

500 - 2K estimated


1:1 Support


✓ Advance

Custom R&D

Custom collab campaigns

Advertise + Outreach


Priority - Custom

Exclusive consulting

*Currently we are open BETA development stage. * We apply commission from the transactional deals coming through our platform. * There is no fixed commission rate, we define case by case. * We discuss the terms with all parties transparently. * The quality of the deals varies based on many factors.

Our pricing is adjustable based on performance so you can easily multiply as you need.

Get %15 revenue share while gaining more partners at the same time if you become our affiliate partner