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Performance prediction using machine learning AI based on big data Investors, etc. are cheaper, faster and easier than before Credit rating that can be used by investment institutions and financial institutions for investment and financing decisions Appendices and reports are provided.

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Hi everyone! My name is Weng Lung, and I am the CEO and founder of D-Risk, a FinTech based in Singapore. With close to three decades of experience in investment banking, I have developed and refined my credit assessment skill over the years in IPOs, M&As, restructuring and credit approvals. Credit rating is one of the best tools for credit assessment. However, credit ratings from Credit Rating Agencies such as S&P, Moody’s and Fitch are very expensive, time-consuming and complicated. 2 years ago, I put together an amazing team with great experience to form D-Risk. D-Risk disrupts the credit rating industry with the use of artificial intelligence and business model innovation. As a result, our credit ratings are much more affordable (US$50 as compared to a minimum of USD100k), much faster (instantaneous as compared to 4 weeks), and simpler (one click compared to a team of analysts).


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From investors such as Angel investment, Venture Capital, Corporate VC.


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