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We are open for collaborations with those who have a vision of starting a new business utilizing the A Real-Time Live-Chat Software .

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Service Partner, Affiliate Partner, Sales Partner


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Computer Software is an open collaboration platform where you can develop partnerships and manage existing ones.

Company Overview

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.
We make a beautiful and simple tool for real-time customer service and online sales.

LiveChat web-based, desktop and mobile apps will always keep you in touch with your website visitors.

* Build trusting relationships with your online visitors.
* Identify, reach and engage with best prospects on your website and get in touch with them instantly.
* Help your online visitors in making purchasing decisions and close more deals.




Online live chat software, Real-time traffic monitoring, Capturing best prospects, Increasing sales and online conversions, Lead generation, Help desk software, customer support, text communication, SaaS, and LiveChat


LiveChat Software is a global provider of solutions for managing online business communications, generating leads, and selling online.

The product portfolio includes:

LiveChat, an application for customer communication
ChatBot, a framework for creating bots
HelpDesk, a ticketing system for managing emails
KnowledgeBase, an app for developing help centers on companies’ websites.


- Loved by 35,000+ companies
-From 150 countries
- 50,000,000 chats monthly
- 150 connected countries
- 177,000 support representatives

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Affiliate, bundle, resale, and distribution partnerships

Distribution Partner
Franchise Partner


Blogger, social media influencer, and content partnerships

Co-Branding Partner
Non-Profit Partner
Ambassador Partner


Supplier and procurement partnerships

Service Partner
Supplier Partner


New products, services, and PoC partnerships

Technology Partner
PoC Partner
Open Innovation Partner

General Partnership

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General Partner

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