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Japanese Stationery Company

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Company Overview

Tombow is a Japanese family company that manufactures high-quality and reliable writing instruments and therefore supports creative people in their work.




manufacturing stationery products


When Japanese entrepreneur Harunosuke Ogawa founded his company in 1913, he could not have imagined that one day Tombow Pencil would become a world-leading Japanese family company for high-quality writing tools. The company founder, who was then aged 28, learnt everything about the four treasures of writing tools (ink, brush, inkstone and paper) while working as a wholesaler in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. He initially sold a mix of traditional Japanese stationery and Western pencils and gained the reputation of being a knowledgeable dealer.


-2017 PR daily award winner
-Have won various awards
-Mentioned in a lot of news and articles
-123,602 monthly visitors for US tombow page

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