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Company Introduction

Interesting Engineering is a cutting edge, leading community designed for all lovers of engineering, technology and science. Join us to keep up with the latest in new technological advances, ground-breaking scientific discoveries and the most Interesting Engineering projects in the entire world. "We provide our followers and readers with content encompassing the most engaging, entertaining, and futuristic inventions and innovations. We connect like-minded individuals from all around the world by intensifying their love for and curiosity about what’s happening in the world of technology and science.


Everything started with a personal blog.

Founder opened a blog based on his personal interest which is engineering. I added around 30 articles about interesting engineering news which is the name of the blog suggests itself.

Everything progressed very slowly. Eventually, there is potential to growth and decided to start a company. IE was located in Istanbul and started with very small team and most are remote form different countries. Now we move our headquarter to United States.


- 39 employees.
- 7 million monthly website page views (70% of page views from the Americas and Europe)
- 15 million social media followers. (famous for our videos on social media platforms)
- 1.1 million LinkedIn followers.
- 150-200 million monthly Facebook views
- 500 million monthly people reach

Collaboration Opportunities

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Co-Branding, Co-Sales

Target Locations:

Anywhere in the world

We work with the startup to global brands. We would like to give media support to any kind of innovative projects and companies from all around the world.


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