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Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning, Computer vision, retail analytics, fever detection, facial recognition, contactless attendance, social distancing, occupancy alerts, sanitization alerts, and mask detection

Company Introduction

Veda Labs as an AI platform offers deep insights that are powered by computer vision and machine learning that allows you as a business owner to extract deep insights from any form of video data in real time. Veda Labs is a Retail Analytics company that allows retailers to move more inventory and make informed decisions through real time business insights at store level. Data points like total footfall, age, gender and repeat count allows retailers to manage and measure the ROI on their marketing and sales spend. Veda has announced a software solution for the same, that allows you to enable your workplace to be completely contactless and presenting you insights on Social Distancing, Floor occupancy, Mask usage & Thermal Screening.


We are Veda Labs. A Deep Tech Startup in India & US. The journey of Macher was incepted in the college dorm room when a few techies decided to build something meaningful for the world. Teaming up with like-minded people was the best part of the journey till date. In 2018, the team started building its general product for retail vertical. Built prototypes, partnered with the largest brands across the country and raised money from the best people possible in the ecosystem. Having meaningful partners and building meaningful products has always been at the core of Macher. Starting from self-driving cars to video analytics suite for retailers or even Turnout, Macher aims to build a better surrounding for everyone.


- 5 awards and recognitions as one of the key players in retail analytics for AI on the edge.
- 250,000 Hours of video processed
- 3,200,000 Alerts generated
- 5,400,000 Faces compared
- 24 Years of combined experience
- 7 partners

Collaboration Opportunities

Partnership Types:

Co-Branding, Co-Sales, PoC, Co-Product

Target Locations:

Anywhere in the world

We are looking for partners who has target audience which require video analytics from self drive cars to large brand retailers


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Vivek Singh

Co-founder & CEO

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