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The world's largest, most accurate, first-party privacy-conscious location data panel.

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Data monetization, Geo-behavioral data, data intelligence, app monetization, growth hacking, location monetization, attribution, behavioral segments, consumer profiles, ad tech, millennials, fintech, families, and transparency

Company Introduction

X-Mode is creating a new standard for accuracy and transparency in the location data industry. We are building a first-party and privacy-conscious location data panel, and are building a new standard to help improve the entire location data ecosystem and to allow companies to develop innovative tools built on a foundation of quality data.


After receiving a late-night drunk call in 2013, Josh built Drunk Mode APP, a mobile app that prevents users from drunk dialing.

As the app grew in popularity across U.S. college campuses, the Drunk Mode team developed additional features that included location-based features such as Find My Drunk and Breadcrumbs to enhance campus safety.

To continue its momentum and start generating revenue, Drunk Mode began monetizing location data in 2015. During this time, our team saw two major opportunities for disruption in the location data industry: data licensees’ need for high-quality location data and publishers looking for additional monetization strategies.

Thus, the X-Mode Location Data Network was born, leveraging the core technology from our Drunk Mode application that became the foundation of the XDK, which was first released in Q2 2017 and now powers X-Mode’s location platform as of today. As we grew our location network, we realize the possibilities for our data solutions are endless and continue to explore how X-Mode and our trusted partners can use location.


- $15.2 M total funding amount
- 17 investors
- 7 products
- 6 partners
- 43 articles mentions
- X-Mode’s location data platform maps over 15% of the US population monthly. Usages: Ad-tech, fin-tech, market research, and real estate.

Collaboration Opportunities

Partnership Types:

Co-Branding, Co-Sales, Co-Product

Target Locations:

Anywhere in the world

X-Mode is empowering innovation with quality location, using our industry-leading, privacy-conscious location SDK to create a living map of the world. To achieve this, we are looking for technology companies and individuals to work with us in the following sectors around the world.

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- AdTech
- Cybersecurity
- FinTech
- LocTech
- SmartCities




Josh Anton

Co-founder & CEO

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