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  • What does it mean pre-defined collaboration templates?
    Collab Templetes are organise the way that your audience collaborate with your company. In other word, It is a trigger system to making collaborations more convinient, variative and effective. Pre-defined collaboration templates → It allows you to choose or customise collaboration goals to making it easier reach that goal. → This way, your audience don’t get stuck with what to propose. → It also gives collaborators incentive to collaborate more to help you reach your goal. There are 3 different way to collaborate with a company from a collaboration page. 1- Public collabs: This target individuals people. Such as social media sout-outs for support, and giving feedbacks or ideas from their collab page. 2- Predefined collabs: This type is only for B2B. Feature, offer pro-bono or barter, offer R&D together, ask PoC, offer to distribute them. 3- Custom inquiries: This B2B collaboration type is for more customiseable proposals.
  • How to become a collaborator?
    → First explore companies who is open for collaboration from here > → Choose as much collaboration-templates as you want. → Click to the collab-templates, fill the form and send.
  • Why
    Because, is just for collaborative companies: → We are NOT a platform for HARD SELL. → We’re proud to be the only platform that’s fully dedicated to building community around the collaborative companies. Because you can save time and budget: → Develop new capabilities, products, and services by partnerships. → Expand new markets, find talent, and achieve much more through our platform.
  • How to open a collaboration page for my company for free?
    1# Register for openning a showcase page. 2# Approval: 3# Discovery meeting: 4# Drafting: 5# Launching: 6# Updates:
  • When we open a collaboration page are you going to bombard 💣 our mailbox?
    We deliver inquiries with reports format. You can adjust frequency as daily, weekly (recomended), monthly bases. Also our reports are simplified and has analytics on it.
  • How do you create exposure for collaboration showcase pages?
    We are in BETA development stage, for reaching the adoption rate we are following 2 main strategies: 1- We are going and pitching all our members profiles to the targets. 2- Our members shares their profiles and ecourage their network to support.
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