Find and establish the right partnerships

Find companies who can support you in a shared and collaborative manner.

The key to the successful business relies on finding and establishing the right partnerships

We have more than 10,000 mid-large enterprises network from all around the world. Let us know what kind of partnerships you need or let us make an assessment to your company.

Publicity partnerships

Find brands that have similar messaging with yours to collaborate. Easier and faster to execute. 

PR (Public Relations)

Find bloggers, influencers, or journalists and develop a post together.


Find brands that have similar brand essence like your brand for branding collaborations.


Nurture, influence, and lead advocators and ambassadors around your company.

Marketing and sales partneships

Stronger front-line trough marketing partnerships. 


Speedup fulfillment, generate product exposure, clear-deadstock by bundling partner's products


Build more Proof of Concepts between corporations and startups accounts.


Relevant vendor, retailer, e-commerce or distributor. Licensing, distributions, expansion.

Supply chain partnerships

It's all about buying things, make things, and move things. Discover dual contributors.

Procurement development

Does your supply chain have enough inventory to satisfy demand? Find or improve your chain.


Find or improve the partners that you make things from all around the world.


It's not just about transporting things, it's about time and sustainable effort.

Development partnerships

Support each other to ideate, build, and develop businesses, products, and technologies.


Let experts or other businesses ideate and give feedback to you to develop and improve.


Find tech-savvy researchers, developers, or R&D companies? Develop know-how together.


Consider bartering. Returns: References, testimonials, and the possibility of long term relationships.


Looking for companies to make equity investments? We have hundreds of startups to evaluate. 

For Angel Investors

Find Co-investment deals.

For VCs

Scouting on the scale.

For CVCs

Find, incubate, manage startups.

Mergers and acquisitions deals.

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