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Openforco Global GTM

Utilize Openforco for market entry and expansion. Special programs to evaluating, prospecting, entering markets for your GTM needs world map.png

How it works?

Take the core global program

GTM readiness program on partnerships basics, building a program, making a launch, networking, connect and collaborate.

Chose a regional or vertical market

During the program we help you to specify

your regional or vertical and get help by local mentors across 100 countries, and 200 cities!

In & Out Bound


Learn to do prospecting, out reach, and setting up meetings effectively. And get local exposure trough collaborative marketing together with us.

Virtual or in-person soft landing

Speak and pitch  partnerships to the locals, at our events to connect and collab at your target markets get help from local mentors

Partner with the world

Market entry simplified for Startups and SMEs

Image by Andre Benz


Enter Japan

Reichstag Building


Enter Germany

Image by Joshua Ang


Enter Singapore

Image by Naveed Ahmed

New Delhi

Enter India

Image by Joshua Delica


Enter Korea

Australia Aerial View


Enter Australia

Image by Agustin Diaz Gargiulo

São Paulo

Enter Brazil

Image by Geoff Greenwood


Enter Thailand

Image by Blair Morris

San Francisco Bay

Enter USA

Image by Nick Agus Arya


Enter Indonesia

Image by Lucas Davies


Enter UK

Image by Chris Karidis


Enter France



Enter Canada

Image by Tron Le

Ho Chi Minh

Enter Vietnam

Image by Osman Köycü


Enter Turkiye

Image by ZQ Lee


Enter UAE

  • What does it mean pre-defined collaboration templates?
    Collab Templetes are organise the way that your audience collaborate with your company. In other word, It is a trigger system to making collaborations more convinient, variative and effective. Pre-defined collaboration templates → It allows you to choose or customise collaboration goals to making it easier reach that goal. → This way, your audience don’t get stuck with what to propose. → It also gives collaborators incentive to collaborate more to help you reach your goal. There are 3 different way to collaborate with a company from a collaboration page. 1- Public collabs: This target individuals people. Such as social media sout-outs for support, and giving feedbacks or ideas from their collab page. 2- Predefined collabs: This type is only for B2B. Feature, offer pro-bono or barter, offer R&D together, ask PoC, offer to distribute them. 3- Custom inquiries: This B2B collaboration type is for more customiseable proposals.
  • How to become a collaborator?
    → First explore companies who is open for collaboration from here > → Choose as much collaboration-templates as you want. → Click to the collab-templates, fill the form and send.
  • Why
    Because, is just for collaborative companies: → We are NOT a platform for HARD SELL. → We’re proud to be the only platform that’s fully dedicated to building community around the collaborative companies. Because you can save time and budget: → Develop new capabilities, products, and services by partnerships. → Expand new markets, find talent, and achieve much more through our platform.
  • How to open a collaboration page for my company for free?
    1# Register for openning a showcase page. 2# Approval: 3# Discovery meeting: 4# Drafting: 5# Launching: 6# Updates:
  • When we open a collaboration page are you going to bombard 💣 our mailbox?
    We deliver inquiries with reports format. You can adjust frequency as daily, weekly (recomended), monthly bases. Also our reports are simplified and has analytics on it.
  • How do you create exposure for collaboration showcase pages?
    We are in BETA development stage, for reaching the adoption rate we are following 2 main strategies: 1- We are going and pitching all our members profiles to the targets. 2- Our members shares their profiles and ecourage their network to support.
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