Base location


Target locations

Germany, Europe




Time to solve


There is no deadline, but we hope to sell it inEurope as soon as possible.


101 to 500

[Italy, Spain, Czech, Germany, France] Request for sales agent

This time, we will strengthen the sales in Europe.
Therefore, we would like to ask for the support below.

○All over Europe
Countries of particular focus: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic
We would like to focus on the above countries due to the market size.

(Product/Service Details)
・Commodity: Spray gun
・Type: 4 models
・Price range: (Japanese price) JPY 20,000-30,000

Business content

Manufacture of compression equipment and painting equipment

What are we looking for

・Search for distributors (introduction or listing)
For companies with a large sales network in Europe and strengths in spray gun
We would like to become an agent.

When talking to companies that can be agents,
I think it would be difficult for the story to proceed if there were no one who could come in between.
I am concerned.
We would be grateful if you could make suggestions including the care for that area.


Around 25,000 USD monthly