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[India] Construction of stainless steel processing plant or consultation of M&A, request for market development support

Our company exports stainless and steel.
Currently, we are exporting stainless steel for automobiles (for mufflers) to India and are selling it with our local partner in India.
It is necessary to process the stainless steel that is being coiled and exported before it is delivered to the customer, and we outsource the processing work to a local contractor.
In the future, we would like to carry out local processing work in-house and manage it, and we are considering construction of a stainless steel processing plant or M&A.
Therefore, we would like to ask an expert in the Indian industry to discuss the business feasibility and M&A of the stainless steel processing plant, and also support the investigation of M&A candidates.
Furthermore, we would like to proceed with market development in India, so we would like to consult with you regarding market development.

(Product Details)
Steel/stainless steel

Business content

Development, manufacturing and sales of materials

Steel and stainless steel export trading business

What are we looking for

(1) Regarding the construction of a stainless steel processing plant, we would like to discuss with you the business possibilities, whether it is the best way to build from scratch or the M&A method.
(2) When proceeding with M&A, please survey the candidate companies for M&A.
(3) Consultation and support for new market development
*As a new development, we are considering development to automobile manufacturers and other companies that handle stainless steel.

(Sales company under consideration)
・Manufacturer of elevators
・System kitchen (commercial/household) manufacturers
・Auto parts manufacturer


Please give us a sense of cost and we have plan to consider


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