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[USA, France, United Kingdom] Proposal and support for cross-border EC exhibition agency

Our company is operating clothing brands of EC webistes
Most of our clients want to expand our cross-border e-commerce sales, and we like to get consultation.
We already have sales records in France and the United States, and also BtoB sell records to selected shops.
However, due to the influence of corona these days, we want to develop more new sales channel and are considering cross-border e-commerce sales.
Up until now, we have been selling to BtoB and we do not have that much local cosumer information to directly sell to local cosumer in overseas. So we like to collaborate with existing EC sites to sell our clothers on their website From the above, we would like to ask for suggestions and support.

United States, France, United Kingdom

(Product Details)
Sale of clothes (For ladies)

Business content

EC website operator by focusing Clothing

What are we looking for

Proposal and support for cross-border EC exhibition agency


We would like to get proposal as estimate cost of e-commerce listings (fixed cost, monthly cost) etc.


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