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Base location


Target locations

Indonesia , Malyaisa




Time to solve


We would like to commercialize it by 2021 and then start export sales.


101 to 500

[Indonesia/Malaysia] Request for consulting to enter the Muslim fashion market

Our company has been producing clothes, fabrics, etc. on an OEM basis, and has some track record in overseas sales (China, Taiwan, Europe, America, etc.).
In the future, we are planning to expand sales channels in Southeast Asia, and the theme of entering the Muslim fashion market is rising.
Although the specific products have not been decided yet, we are considering the design and production of clothing and miscellaneous goods or their raw materials (fabric, etc.), and then exporting and selling them overseas.
Therefore, we would like to ask experts to provide advice and support for product development and sales strategy construction, and we would like to proceed.

Business content

Manufacturing and wholesale of casual clothing and accessories

What are we looking for

1. To devise a product model and business model for Muslim fashion,
I would like to request market research in advance
2. Support for the construction of sales schemes and sales strategies based on market research

"Research Content"
・Muslim market size (Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia)
・Local business customs, business form, purchasing trends
・Examples of Japanese companies entering the Muslim market to date"


We will propose the content of the proposal and the cost, we will consider it and find out.


" would like to enter the Muslim market as a Japanese company, and I would like to incorporate the Japanese taste in some of the design and materials.

Indonesia, Malaysia
We are considering entering the Islamic region. "

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