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[Vietnam] Consultation of license application/market research and request of support accompanying market development of health food

Our company mainly sells foods with functional claims by mail order.
In the future, we would like to promote the development of sales channels in Vietnam, and are considering sales at retailers (local distributors) and EC sites.
First of all, we would like to collect information on the permits and authorizations necessary for selling in Vietnam and we will proceed with it.
Below is the content that we would like to discuss specifically.

(Product Details)
Health foods (main ingredient is Euglena)

Business content

Sales of food, health food, etc.

What are we looking for

・Whether a license application is required for the product under consideration for sale
・Please tell us about the required documents when a license application is required
* In the future, we are also considering conducting market research to formulate sales strategies


Please let us know the cost of the budget required for license application and marketing. We will consider and plan to proceed.


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