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As soon as COVID is calm down and internatinal travel is allowed especially "Vietnam". I would like to acompany.


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[Vietnam] Request for local purchase of goods (interpreter) and agency

We are trading company by importing the products with seasons from foregin countries to japan and we have been doing transactions with an annual budget of around 20,000 usd.
We are considering paying a percentage of that as a commission.
We would like to decide the concrete numerical value in the story.

Since this is an overseas business,
We are looking for a person/company that can respond with a sense of speed.
We have been conducting this business for about 10 years.

Business content

Motorcycle carrier and other importing business

What are we looking for

We are looking for companies that can entrust the procurement of products locally.
Therefore, we would like to ask for the support below.
・Local product purchase agent
・Accompanying purchases, interpreting, and mediating negotiations
・Sharing local new product information

In order to deal with negotiations and troubles during the purchase,
We would like to ask those who are in Vietnam. "



"Currently, if you have purchased or OEM in Vietnam
We are doing business in the form of selling in Japan,
Looking at the market, we are thinking of selling Japanese products to Vietnam in the future. "

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