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[Cambodia] Request for sale of local subsidiary, M&A support

In 2018, we established a corporation in Cambodia that manufactures and sells take-out sushi.
However, due to poor business performance and corona, we are currently searching for a sales destination for a Cambodian corporation.
At present, we are in the situation where the person in charge cannot go to the site and we are considering selling.
Therefore, we would like to ask for the sale destination of our Cambodia corporation and M&A support.

(About Cambodian subsidiary)
・Business description: Manufacturing and sales of take-out sushi
・Number of employees: 6 (Cambodian)
・There is a loan from the parent company, Singapore corporation

Business content

We are developing an M&A platform for food companies in Singapore.

What are we looking for

(1) Search for companies to sell
(2) M&A support


We would like to discuss with you directly.


・We think that companies with know-how related to food and drink and food are good.
・We hope to take over the current sushi manufacturing and sales business.
・We would also like to request the purchase of manufacturing equipment.
・Considering the debt, we will transfer the shares free of charge.

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