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Vietnam, Cambodia




Time to solve


The factory is scheduled to start a year later.
We already have commercial products, so we would like to start local sales as soon as possible.


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[Vietnam] [Cambodia] Support for test marketing and Sales agent search

We have hand-knitted hammock manufactured in Thailand and we directly import and sell it.
We are now considering to export and sell this product to Southeast Asia.
Therefore, we would like to ask for the support below.

Vietnam, Cambodia

Especially in Vietnam.

We are planning to open a factory in Vietnam and want to secure a sales destination there as well.

(Product Details)
Type: Mexican type hammock

Design: Hand-knitted with high design
What we see in Vietnam is cheap machine knitting and we believe that we can make a difference.

Price: Relatively expensive (sold in Japan at approximately 10 times the standard selling price at the local level)
We feel the possibility of selling in the country where middle-income earners are increasing.

Business content

Import wholesale/retail business

What are we looking for

○Test marketing
Prior to full-scale sales, we are considering conducting test marketing to identify local targets and whether there is demand, and to set prices.
Target: Local middle-income earners and above, tourists, etc. can be considered.

○ Find a distributor
In case of full-scale sales, we are considering using a sales agent.
Depending on your suggestions, we may be able to proceed with searching for a distributor at the same time as test marketing.


We will look at the allocation of the overall budget.
First of all, we would like to ask you for a quotation.


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