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Time to solve


Throughout the year (Considering to establish base in 2021)
*We plan to have concrete business talks with our clients around August and September.


11 to 50

[Thailand] Consultation on the possibility of entering the staffing business for factories

One of our clients, a Japanese company, has asked us to cooperate in the production activities at our Thai factory.
We have no experience in overseas business, but we are thinking about moving forward with overseas business in the future in order to secure the superiority of contracts when launching domestic production in the future.
These are the specific business talks we have with our clients, but we would like to continue to consider them after firmly collecting information about our business in Thailand.
We would appreciate it if you could tell us about the possibilities of expanding business, the best establishment style when setting up a base, the real estate market feeling, etc.

 Thailand (Amatanakon Industrial Park)

(Details of business to be expanded)
・Cooperation of client's production activities at local Thai factory
・We undertake all production processes (assembly, inspection, etc.)
・Recruitment of local human resources (20 to 30 people planned)
・Dispatch of Japanese experts as responsible person, labor management

Business content

Human resources for manufacturing, temporary staffing for factories

What are we looking for

(1) Please tell us if local business is possible for the above business contents.
(2) Please tell us your proposal and cost perception regarding the best way to establish a base, such as a “local subsidiary, branch or representative office” for your business.
(3)About real estate market price near "Amatanakon Industrial Park" which is considering establishment of office

Although we will clarify the business potential, we would like to discuss the know-how of [local human resource recruitment].
 I would also like to ask about Thailand's policies and the current situation depending on the situation of corona.


We would appreciate if you could give us a sense of cost, including business potential.


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