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Base location


Target locations

Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore




Time to solve


We are planning to start to sell within 2020


1001 to 5000

[Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore] Expand sales channels for e-sports products in E commerce

We are a sponsor of the esports team and sell goods at E-Commerce in Japan.
We are now considering selling this goods in overseas

.Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore
.We like to start from Korea becuase we have a lot of fan in Korea already
We also think that China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore are potential market beucase they have a large e-sports population,

For China, we are concerned about regulations.

(Product/service details)
·key ring
・Apparel products
・We would like to sell products other than esports (eg food) in the future.

Business content

Telecommunications business

What are we looking for

・Consulting on sales channel expansion in EC
・Market situation in each country
・Proposal of EC mall
・Proposal for building your own EC site

In addition, we would appreciate if you have other proposal and idea


We like to get quotation beucase we need budget approval within our company


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