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By the end of 2020


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[Cambodia] Need Consultation regarding establishment of a hotel/guesthouse management base and getting investment

In Cambodia, we are promoting the establishment of a hotel/guesthouse-operated tourism business.
The property has already been secured and we plan to settle this month(July).
After purchasing the property, it is necessary to transfer the repair fund from Japan to Cambodia in order to start the repair work of the property and that of the eating and drinking space.
Therefore, we would like to establish a local base, for transferring the money overseas smoothly, and aim to open the hotel by the end of the year.
We are in the information gathering stage regarding the establishment of the base, but we would appreciate it if you could teach us.

Cambodia (Siem Reap)

Business content

Management of tourism and hotels/guest houses

What are we looking for

(1)We are also considering to establish branch of a company (limited company) managed by parents in Japan. Please provide us the overall consultation for establishing local susidiary in Cambodia.

② Please tell us about the local tax and accounting aspects and the method of establishment depending on the type of establishment.

③ We would like to raise funds for the establishment of the base, so we would like to ask for support for fund raising applications.
 Procurement cost: around 25,000$ - 40,000$


We would like to discuss the budget, including getting investment


The establishment of company and management will be done as join venture with Cambodia 1 person and Japanese 3 persons

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