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51 to 100

<United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia> Japanese Event Promotion focusing on Dating and Matching looking for event organizer and web promotion agency in worldwide

We have over 18 million registered users and over 80,000 montly active users in Japan.
Major users age are from 25 to 35 years old. major customer are over 1,000 people event organizer. They find end users and charge them back incentives for each end user.
We are getting affecting from COVID 19 and cannot do physical event anymore. Currently we are doing everything through online and started to create new systems for targeting online dating event.
We already started to launch this new datng system in Japan and would like to promote this in overseas event organizer. We also make market research for overseas market and we have confident that we can compete with them in terms of price and functions.

Business content

Event EC site management service
Related application management service

What are we looking for

We like to sell and promote this new prodcut in oversea by targetin 5 countries (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia )
We are looking for the folloiwing category partner or cusotmers who interest to work with us. Please provide us quotation
-Web Promotion and digital marketing companies for reaching out more and more to end user
-Customer support servcie
-Event organizer as customer ro partner


Yes, want to get quotation form you and make decision.
They are using around 100,00 USD monthly for promotion their service only for Japan market


We will start to create overseas version in August. After getting quotation, they will start planning for bugetting from nov and start in next year Jan, 2021.

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