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Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia




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[Southeast Asia] Search for market development destinations, request for sales agency/business negotiation support

Our company is promoting "Used heavy machinery" and "Japanese marine products" export business as a new business.

For marine products, we were promoting direct delivery business to local restaurants in each country as a subscribing model, but we are considering wholesale sales to local supermarkets etc. in the future because the situation of the airplane can not be read due to the influence of corona. We would like to ask for support in searching for business partners in Southeast Asia and developing sales channels.

Southeast Asia

(Product Details)
① Used heavy machinery
② Japanese seafood (fresh food, frozen products)

(Target company)
① Used heavy machinery: contractors, construction-related contractors
② Seafood: local supermarkets, wholesalers, etc.

* Regarding the direct delivery business to restaurants, which we originally pursued, we would like to ask for advice based on the current situation in each country.

Business content

We are doing beauty business.

What are we looking for

・Search for companies to develop sales channels in each country
・Sales agent, business negotiation support


Please tell us about the cost and we will consider.


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