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I think it's around the time when the COVID-19 calmed down and possible to travel to and from China as usual.


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【China】Request for consulting on local development of piano teaching materials/classes

There are very few piano teaching materials in China, while there is a great demand.
Therefore, we are considering expanding this business in China.
Accordingly, we would like to ask for the support below.

China (Shanghai)

(Product/Service Details)
・Piano materials: Chinese Language NOT supported
・Teacher guidance: Chinese Language supported

Business content

Development and sales of piano teaching materials,
teacher guidance

What are we looking for

① Establishing a base/acquiring a visa
I understand that I need a visa to open a bank account.
Therefore, I would like to proceed with preparations for establishing a base and obtaining a visa at the same time.

② Consulting
In Shanghai, we plan to sell teaching materials and operate classrooms. I would like to ask following questions about it.
・In Shanghai lock, what is the most suitable type for making announcements and attracting customers?
・How to promote
・What should the sales type of teaching materials be?

In addition, I think that EC sales of teaching materials may be possible even from the present day of Corona, and I would like to ask you to teach me about that as well.


Since this is our first overseas expansion, we would be grateful if you could talk to us and give a quote.


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