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[Singapore] Request for support for establishing a local subsidiary

We sell wire ropes for elevators (made by a certain company).
We have a track record of sales to Taiwan and China, and now we would like to start with the aim of expanding into the Philippines.
We would like to request a survey of the target companies for sales.

Business content

Design, manufacture and sale of elevator realate machines, elevator related equipment
and elevator parts

What are we looking for

<<Survey target/contents>>
① Target: Small and medium-sized enterprises that are installing and maintaining elevators for large buildings such as 10-story condominiums (I also want information on major companies)
Survey content: Latest survey report on the number of new elevators installed, number of owned elevators, share ratio by manufacturer, price, etc.

(2) Target: A company that specializes in the maintenance and inspection of elevators (since there are specialized companies in Japan, we would like to request a survey if there are specialized companies in the Philippines as well).
Survey content: Number of latest maintenance inspections, number of possession, inspection cost, maintenance inspection regulations, etc.

(3) Target: "Elevator wire rope" market by manufacturer
Survey content: Share rate by manufacturer (for wire manufacturers handled by each company), price
*Our company handles a variety of elevator parts in addition to wire ropes, so we would like to consider their sales.


We assume that the survey cost will be 350,000, but for details, we would like to discuss with you directly and provide an estimate, and then consider it.


Area: Philippines (near Manila)

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