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[USA] Consultation FDA application procedure

Our company is OEM (contract manufacturing) of health foods.
Our client is considering to export and sell to the United States.
It means that we want to export "Organic JAS health supplements" that our company manufactures by contract, and that the client and our company, which is a manufacturing site, must also register with the FDA application when exporting,and I think that I have clarified the above, so please contact us. We are at the information gathering stage, but we would like to clarify it so that we can respond to client requests.

Business content

Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and sales of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, health foods, and general foods

What are we looking for

① Whether you need to apply for the registration of our factory when you apply for FDA in accordance with the client's US export sales.
② How to apply when application is required (what kind of registration should be done)
③ Regarding the cost feeling associated with the registration application
We would appreciate it if you could teach us.


Please tell us how much you would like to pay for the factory registration application that accompanies the FDA application.


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