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Base location


Target locations

China, Hong Kong


Manufacturing, Wholesale/retail


Time to solve


I would like to consider and proceed.


1001 to 5000

[Hong Kong] Consultation and request for corporate credit survey

Our company mainly exported products to Taiwan and South Korea, but from this year, we will greatly expand our export sales to mainland China.

Until now, we have not surveyed overseas trading companies, but with the development of the Chinese market, we are going to continue to carry out credit research on new trading companies in China.

Currently, we are requesting an intermediary transaction with a certain Hong Kong company that has an export route to China to expand sales channels, but first we would like to conduct a credit check of this Hong Kong company.
Current situation, we are not requesting an urgent survey, but we are looking for an expert company to consult with us in preparation for a survey of current Hong Kong companies and a survey of new companies in the future.
First of all, we would like to consult with you, but we would appreciate your kind understanding.

(Survey Item)
・Phone, email
・Business content
・Investor status
・ Number of employees
・ Financial status

Business content

Manufacture/sales of photoresist products for semiconductor device manufacturing and related products

What are we looking for

① About credit survey of a certain Hong Kong company and future new overseas trading companies
② Please tell us the delivery period and cost of the survey report


We also ask other companies to give us a quote regarding this matter, but since each company has a cost difference of 500$ to 6000$, please tell us the market feeling concerning the credit check first.

The following is the shortest and cheapest budget you have presented;
Delivery: 2 weeks, Budget: 500$

We are considering the above as the estimated period and budget, but we would appreciate if you could tell us about the period and budget necessary to present the desired survey contents.


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