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[Philippines] Market research request for expansion

As the business and revenue is expanded in Japan, I am thinking to establish the company in sigapore which I am liging now for tax measure.While I am working in Singapore with Spass, I am doing a web-based business such as HP production in Japan with friends.

Business content

Design, manufacture and sale of elevator related machines, elevator related equipment and elevator parts

What are we looking for

We would like to ask the following professors regarding the establishment of a corporation in Singapore.
Plase advise us the following questions and quotations for your services.

① While owning Spass and working in Singapore, I am doing a web-based business such as HP production in Japan with friends. Is it possible to establish a corporation on behalf of myself in Singapore while holding this Spass?

② If ① is not possible, is it possible to set up a corporation in Singapore with business associates (Japanese living in Japan) as representatives?

③ I heard that the corporate tax is 17% in Singapore. In the case of (1) and (2), is it possible to benefit from the corporate tax reduction measures that the Singapore government has established as a policy?

④ Please tell us the cost and time required for establishment.

⑤ Please tell us the annual maintenance fee.
We are considering hiring employees locally depending on the cost and conditions,
At this stage, I would like to ask you about the establishment possibilities and costs.


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