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[Malaysia] List of local Japanese fisheries companies and major Japanese restaurants / Local customs clearance and transportation

As mentioned above, we are currently importing and selling fresh fish.
It is now time to start an export sales business to Malaysia.

Business content

Import and sale of farmed fish, restaurant consulting

What are we looking for

If you can support either, please feel free to make a suggestion.

① List up local Japanese fisheries companies, major Japanese restaurants, restaurants and fresh fish handling companies, or take appointments
We are currently in talks with local companies, and we would like to further expand the supply to Japanese companies.
I would like to talk in detail once.

② Local customs clearance and transportation
We are looking for a company to perform customs clearance and local transportation at Kuala Lumpur Airport.
I would appreciate your suggestion.
In addition, we would appreciate if you could introduce us even if it is difficult to respond directly.
・Transportation: Air transportation
・Area: Kuala Lumpur Airport → Business partners
・Products: Seafood
・Transaction volume: around 30 kg
・Continuation: We are considering continuing to request as transactions occur.


Our budget is around 1000 usd for research only and we like to get quotation for overall


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