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A license in Singapore is scheduled to be acquired this month (July),
A local subsidiary is also expected to be established in July.
In addition, the Japanese base has already started in March,


11 to 50

[Singapore] Localization and promotion support for pet shops

We are pleased to announce the opening of a pet shop in Singapore.
Therefore, we would appreciate your support below.

(Product Details)
・Puppies: Small dogs have strengths, so we plan to purchase them from Japanese breeders.
・Pet products: pet food, care products, apparel, carry bag
(To ensure quality, we consider Japanese products as the main product.)

Business content

Operation of online pet shop

What are we looking for

If either of the following two is possible,
We would appreciate your suggestions.

○ Startup support
It is a situation where it is not possible to decide what kind of business to open.
There are two candidates below.

1. Operate a pet shop online as in Japan
2. Set up a physical store
3. Rent a part of an existing pet shop or trimming salon

Since we would like to open a business in a method suitable for the local area,
I would appreciate your advice.

○ Promotion support
We want to raise awareness before opening.
After confirming the store opening format, we would like to request promotion planning.


10,000 USD


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