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Founding story

Hi, my name is Huseyin Kilic. I'm from Turkey. I was born and raised in a rural area of the eastern city of Turkey called Gaziantep. After my parents move to the city center, my father opens an internet cafe around when I was in college time and I started to support my father in my free time out of school. I studied mechanical engineering in the same city. And we did'nt have any computer at our house. At that time blogging was just started to have come trendy.

Everything started with a personal blog

I open a blog about my personal interest which is engineering. My motivation was completely about self-development about engineering and improving my English. I add around 30 articles about interesting engineering news which is the name of the blog suggests itself. I didn't have any idea to make money out of this blog.


After some time, my exams started and I couldn’t go to the internet cafe which meant I couldn’t look at the website. My exams were over in one month and I went back to the internet café. What I saw surprised me: there were 1000 people on my blog, Interesting Engineering. When I saw that, all I could think was how I could transform that into money.  I opened a Facebook page. Facebook pages were growing very fast at that time. Like nowadays, that applies to TikTok. The possibility of your content going viral was very high. This was how Facebook was like back then. I would publish articles, share them on Facebook, and I would get traffic from there. Our Facebook page started growing very quickly. The first number of 1,000 became 15,000 as time went by. This continued until my graduation in June 2013. We had 3 million followers on Facebook at that time. 

I was earning approximately 10 times the minimum wage. But as a fresh graduate, I started looking for jobs as an engineer. My traditional family urged me to become an engineer at that time, regardless of how much I was making from my website. I had to become an engineer, even if I made millions from my current endeavor. I couldn’t find a job for a few months, and people around me started pushing me on the issue.  I found some jobs but I didn't accept. I was handling Interesting Engineering and earning money from that. I moved to Istanbul -the largest city and concentrated economy of Turkey- very late.


Everything progressed very slowly. In my case things gone very differently than other startups. Normally, when you’re starting up a business, your family becomes your first investor. However, that wasn’t the case for me. I was looking after my family. And I spent it to make our lives better by buying a car and house. But unfortunately,  I didn’t invest it in business. Eventually, I started to see the growth potential of my blog as a startup company. I started to build a team remotely from different countries also. It was 2013. I started to travel overseas and I build my company slowly. At that time there is no way to get support because there wasn't any startup ecosystem in Turkey. 


Companies were reaching us and assuming that we are a foreign company. Most people know us from our videos which you can see from the Instagram Explore page, LinkedIn, or Facebook. However, most generally, we are operating from our website.


Currently, we have 17 full times employees. Our website has 7 million page views, monthly. In our social media platforms, we have 15 million followers. 70% of these page views come from the Americas and Europe. We are famous for our videos on social media platforms. We have 1.1 million followers on LinkedIn. We had 110 million views last year. We get about 150-200 million views on Facebook monthly, but that tends to change a lot.  And we are continuing to grow. It was established in Gaziantep, then Istanbul then now in the United States. The majority of the operation flows through the one in the U.S. When I first opened the website in Gaziantep, I could never think something like this would ever happen. This was never my intention, but this is how things are now. We are becoming more widely-known and more professional every day. I believe that we'll become even bigger. 

I hope that my story will be an inspiration to many. I followed my passion to get here. Even though I experienced much hardship, I never gave up. And now, my passion is becoming bigger. The media business is especially hard. You rely on many different places. In order to become successful, you have to work a lot on networking and marketing. 

Our chalenges

We are actually “aggregators”. We find content from all over the internet, find their sources. There are also press releases. If there is something relevant on Twitter and we might turn that into an article too. Our business model works like this. Because, otherwise, you have to send reporters to the field. We don’t have that many developments in our field. We are not CNN or BBC. They cover all sorts of things like politics and accident news. They have to send reporters. But we don’t have to do that. 

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Our goals

We cover events such as CES in Las Vegas. Other than that, we interpret press releases, emails, and find resources to create content in fair use. This is our business model, and that’s how we operate. On the video front, we started licensing. We are licensing content creators’ videos. Moreover, we pay these foreigner creators to create original content for us. Other than that, we started filming our own content. We are creating informative, "explainer" videos using stock videos to inform people about interesting content. 

Collaborate with us

We work with the startup to global brands. We would like to media support any kind of innovative projects and companies from all around the world.

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