The Autism Therapy App will providean original digital-therapeutic program for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), enabling them to improve their cognitive and social skills.



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Tokyo, Japan



Dr. Mayank Singh

Co-founder & CEO

Business introduction

Impute increases of their functional independence, thus improving quality of life. After a thorough assessment of the child by using the Autism Therapy App, the app provides a comprehensive, personalized therapy program that matches the child’s needs. The child will then be guided through their sessions by an animated avatar of their choice. All of the data from the sessions will be stored within the app so that parents can keep track of their child’s progress. As the child progresses, the program will progress accordingly. If need be, you will be able to contact a human therapist through the Autism Therapy App to ask questions and receive support.

The Autism Therapy App will be made possible by cutting edge technology, such as eye-tracking, body-tracking, and the programming of AI, all of which have been advised by therapists and psychologists to make sure the child stays engaged as much as possible. The goal of the Autism Therapy App is to allow children to receive high quality therapy in the comfort of their home, at whatever time may be convenient for them and their parents, at an affordable price. The app will help to alleviate/treat ASD with high efficacy.

IMPUTE Inc. is focusing on Digital Therapeutics DTx with an AI based solution. Our targets are neurological disorders and neuro-degenerative diseases. We are currently developing Digital Therapeutics DTx to treat/alleviate the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with motivation-based, data-driven therapy. We will implement our digital therapy through our AI based app, which will not require any intervention by human therapists. Our pipeline projects will address ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.

Summary of Benefits of the Autism Therapy App

Individual Assessment
Every child has unique strengths and weaknesses, which necessitates that every ABA therapy plan be customized to meet the individual needs of the child. The app will gather feedback from parents about their child's behavior and performs a comprehensive assessment to gain a clear understanding of the child's current skill level.

Personalized Therapy Plan
Based on the findings of the individualized assessment, the app develops a customized plan for the child’s treatment.

Reinforced Learning
Reinforcement is the most important and widely applied principle of behavior analysis. Our app uses the concept of reinforcement to bring positive changes in behavior.

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
DDT is the process of taking a task and breaking it down into separate, teachable steps. The process involves teaching each step independently. As your child masters each step, he or she will be able to correctly perform the skill or complete the task in its entirety.


Our Team
Our team is our strength, with a shared vision and mission, and with passion. We are a team of doctors, engineers, behavioural specialists and creators who believe and work for the common cause of realizing effective digital therapeutics for autism and other neurodevelopmental diseases. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we work as a team to provide our products to patients in the best possible way.

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Dr. Mayank Singh
Founder and CEO, IMPUTE Inc.
Dr. Mayank Singh was educated in India and Japan, earning a doctorate in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering from Gunma University, Japan. He has also completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Temple University, Fox School of Business Management. He has worked with IBM and Sumitomo Bakelite in the area of high-performance computing. Mayank decided to pursue his passion in AI and Digital therapeutics by founding IMPUTE Inc., a Tokyo-based company.

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We at IMPUTE Inc. are looking for people who are passionate about redefining the healthcare delivery system with emerging technologies.

We are bringing together the latest technologies to create a new class of digital therapeutics. Through our applications, we aim to assist people who suffer from cognitive impairment. If you share the same passion, please join us!

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