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Internship Program Activities - 2nd Batch

We are happy to announce that Openfor Internship Program 2nd Batch has started on 9th Oct 2020. This time, 13 members joined our community. 1st Batch Members are really great talents that make us decide our project to continue in Myanmar. In this batch, We have 5 groups to benefit from specialization and division of labor.

Please check it out for details of our fellowship community initiation, background, working culture, and overall activities that we generally do in internship programs in this blog, our fellowship community initiative.

In this blog, we’d like to share a little bit about what our respective teams were doing. We divided our 2nd batch intern members into 5 groups (IT, marketing, Business Development, Market Research, and HR) with their career interest and performance during the 1st-week training program. We assigned them the related tasks and responsibilities for each team for making them get used to the real job tasks and gave them experiences.

Overall activities

Ice Breaker on Miro

Interns started their journey actively by introducing themselves. In order to know and understand each other very well, we made ice-breaking sessions on Miro, and then our interns became more familiar with one another than before.

As the results of ice-breaking activities, we got good outcomes such as knowing each other very well, better interaction between different departments, and a better warm workplace.

So, let’s see the following video to know how our ice-breaking session looked like in our

Self-Introduction Presentation

Our Second batch interns of actively participated and did the tasks with smooth communication in the virtual workplace.

Moreover, they made excellent self-introduction videos using Canva and Soapbox, which are the online designing tools for effective presentation.

Creating self-introduction videos by updated online designing tools can enhance your future international and domestic job careers. So, let's see in the video!

IT and Design Team Activities

We got really great interns in the field of IT and design. They tried to learn new things and create amazing designs. In this video, they showed what kinds of designs they have made and what are their improvements. Let’s watch together!

Marketing Team Activities

Marketing Interns are doing a great job on their tasks, roles, and responsibilities such as marketing strategy and planning. Moreover, they prepare many interesting contents and think of very good ideas for marketing strategy. In this video, you can see what Marketing teams are doing as a group for the best outcomes!

Business Development Activities

Our Business Development team has been on different challenging tasks and projects, but they made it with marvelous outcomes as a team. We do appreciate our Business Development effort as a whole team. So, Let’s see together what they have been doing for the whole week!

Market Research Activities

Our Market research team has significantly improved their skills by doing several assigned tasks during this week. All in all, We really appreciate the outstanding output they have done as a market research team. So, let’s see their achievements and outcomes in the following video.

Human Resources Activities

HR team members framed the HR procedures and supported the 3rd batch recruitment process. In this video, you can see what the Human Resources Team has done for and what are their achievements.

So, let’s watch together!

2nd Batch Internship Program successfully finished at Nov 5th, 2020

In those weeks, they focused on team-related business tasks relevant to each team's responsibilities. In addition, we made a kick-starter workshop for developing startup business ideas based on each member's interest, LinkedIn workshop for developing personal brand development, and mentorship from our founders. We believe that our interns got many benefits from those activities and getting ready for their next international career.


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