Internship Program - 3rd Batch Activities

Updated: Apr 2 Internship Program 3rd Batch has started on 5th January 2021. This batch internship application was opened only for the fellowship members who have joined Career Readiness Program 1st Batch.

Overall Activities

These selected members are already trained in the 1st batch career readiness program. So, we mainly give them business-related tasks in these three weeks. We will explain the details in the following.

Our respective team activities and duties.

Please check it out for details of our fellowship community initiation, background, working culture, and overall activities that we generally do in internship programs in this blog, our fellowship community initiative.

In this blog, we’d like to share a little bit about what our respective teams were doing. In this batch, we made 3 groups (Business Development, Marketing, and Design teams).

Business Development Team

Our Business Development team was ideating and designing new programs and current program development. It’s good to see their hardworking results and we do appreciate our Business Development effort as a whole team. So, Let’s see together the details of what they have been doing as a business development team in the following video!

Marketing Team

As a marketing team, they mainly took care of content ideation and converting ideas into content. They work closely together with other teams to reach the goals. Moreover, they are responsible for translation and content planning. During these three weeks, they got to know more about digital marketing and improve other soft skills. We believe that our internship program can improve and give them experiences.

In the following video, you can see more details of Marketing team activities and the future plan.

Design/Creative Team

It’s time to share our Creative/Design team activities!

Our Creative/Design team members are really creative. They are collaborative and created amazing designs. They are also a part of the marketing strategies team. They brainstormed a lot for marketing strategies and design. It’s great to see how Myanmar youths are creative and collaborative.

In this video, they are showing what kinds of designs they have made and what are their improvements. Let’s watch together!

3rd Batch Internship Program Members Testimonial

We would like to share the feedback of some of the members who join our “Internship Program” with you all. Thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback and we really appreciate it.

Please check out our fellowship pages "Insights and Testimonials" Session

3rd Batch Internship Program Successfully Finished at Jan 25th, 2021

We’d like to announce that we successfully finished our 3rd Batch Internship Program on 25th Jan 2021. From our 3rd batch of internship program members’ feedback, you can see what they learned from the internship program. Those feedbacks will make you understand better about our internship program. With the objectives to help young undergraduates and fresh graduates, who do not have any working experiences around the world. Join us.









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