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As many youths are having different challenges and difficulties on their way to getting a proper experience or landing a decent job, has launched a beneficial program which is called Career Readiness Program. It is especially training for the youths who are lacking in experience and who have less chance of getting selected for the job or programs that they are applying for. If you have always been the one who does not get selected whenever applying for jobs or programs, we have also summarized the things you should know in this blog 5 Things You Should Know To Get Selected from the Remote International Programs/Job

On 24 November 2020, the Career Readiness Program 1st batch started, and 40 youths were able to join the program among the very competitive 250 applicants from different countries and from diverse educational backgrounds. And now we are continuing to launch another batch of it as there have been many demands for the Career Readiness Program. After joining these programs, our members got offers from other international interns, jobs, and scholarship offers.

If you are youths who are looking for interns, jobs, scholarship, and university admissions opportunities internationally, but never have a chance to polish your CV and required skills, this career readiness program might be a good start for you. Let’s dive deep into What is a Career Readiness Program?

In this blog, we’ll cover the following:

1. Introduction of Career Readiness Program

It’s a 2-week program which is aimed at both fresh graduates and undergraduates to train them to be ready for their career pathways. This program focuses on training digital skills and soft skills that youths should know to land their dream job for an international remote career, gaining digital literacy knowledge, presentation skills, teamwork, and most importantly all the participants will be able to join the intensive training from experienced mentors and receive a guide on building a professional profile for their career development.

As this program is beneficial for everyone who is lacking in digital knowledge and who is not able to present a professional profile, we received a lot of applicants when we started the 1st batch of this program.

1.1 Duration and time of the program

The program will take 2 weeks consecutively long. The training will happen only on weekends but carrying out the given task individually or as a team on the weekdays.

1.2 Eligibility to join the program

To join the program, all the applicants must have the following:

  • Presentable LinkedIn Profile

  • English Intermediate (Compulsory)

  • Familiar with how to use computers and the internet

  • Need to have basic digital literacy

  • Proper Device (Laptop, Pc)

  • Proper Internet Connection (Wifi)

1.3 Education Status to join the program

Every youth with various educational backgrounds can join this program. Undergraduates and fresh graduates are mostly welcomed. You do not need to worry about your age, your educational background and your experiences. This program is open for All.

2. How to apply for the program

It is a simple way to apply for the program. When the program is released, we will provide the application form. You could easily fill out that application form, fill the required information inside it and submit the form. We will contact you again after we have screened the candidates. The screening process only takes about a week.

3. What we provide during the program

During the program, you will get intensive training that will help you to build a strong professional profile for your future career. Following are the common benefits that you will definitely get during the program. Also, other massive benefits will come to you on the leverage of how you commit yourself well to the program.

  • Mentorship for your International Career

  • Presentation Skill

  • Communication Skill

  • Team Work

  • Networking Skill

  • The Most Necessary Digital Literacy Skills

4. Trainings and Benefits you will get in the program

The following are the major benefits the participants will get from joining the program:

  • 2-weeks long Remote Working Skill Training and Workshops

  • Mentorship and Training from international experienced mentors

  • Networking with youths and experienced professionals from different countries and different backgrounds

  • A chance to become a member of the fellowship community based on your performance and commitment after successfully finishing the program.

  • Increase the chance of getting selected in internship program, jobs, scholarship and university admission internationally.

5. Internship and career opportunities after the program

If you want to be a part of the community, please apply to this Career Readiness Program first to become our community members. Once you have become our fellows, you will get the chance to apply for the free training programs, internship programs and other job opportunities at

The benefits of a fellowship community member at

  • Get Ambassador / Volunteer / Internship / Job opportunities from or from partner

  • Get scholarships opportunities for some workshops like Entrepreneur, Business Development, Partnership Development, and many more

  • Better Personal Branding because we featured you on our social media page in many ways.

  • Get a Certificate and recommendation letter that is useful for applying for foreign university scholarships and international jobs.

5.1 Career fields you can work at

  • Business Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Graphic design/Video Editing

  • Human Resources

  • IT (Web Development)

6. New version of Career Readiness Program

You may have known that our 1st Batch of Career Readiness Program is FREE to all. We have got an immense number of applicants in the 1st batch. Please check out our 1st batch Career Readiness member's activities and testimonials.

The demands are not only high in the Career Readiness Program, but also in other Programs we are offering, such as the 2-days Capsule Program. Here, what we have found out is that there has been a majority of candidates who have not got selected yet to any of the programs as the applications are becoming competitive these days.

Therefore, we decided to come up with the Paid Version of Career Readiness Program for those who are not qualified for any scholarship or who were not selected in the past programs to join us. Once you have applied for the Career Readiness Program, you do not need to wait to get selected or not. This is another way that you could easily get into our programs. For more details of this Paid Version of Career Readiness Program, we will announce it again very soon.

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